joe on mac os x version 10.3.2

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i got a problem installing joe 2.9.8 on my mac.
    the installer runs fine,but if i want to use joe i get the following:

    powerbook:~ joman$ joe
    -bash: joe: command not found


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      joe is not in your path. I don't know where or how the joe installer puts things (I used fink), but you can find joe with the following command:
      $ find / -name 'joe'

      You can then add joe to your path environmental variable (assuming you use bash as your shell) by the following:
      $ export PATH=$PATH:/sw/bin/

      Inserting the following in ~/.bashrc will automatically do it every time you open a terminal:
      export PATH=$PATH:/sw/bin/

      Of course, if joe is in /any/old/path/to/joe then alter the path to export PATH=$PATH:/any/old/path/to/

    • myspace

      myspace - 2004-04-27

      on a mac it seems the file is .bash_profile you need to edit, not .bashrc

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      On my Powerbook running 10.3.3, joe installed itself in /usr/local/bin, but even if i'm in that directory and I can see joe sitting there... it won't run. Same error as the guy above.

      • myspace

        myspace - 2004-07-14

        First check /usr/local/bin is in your PATH environmental variable:
        $ echo $PATH

        I very much doubt there is a problem with this, as it is by default, but you never know...

        More likely is that joe is not executable. Try the following:
        $ sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/joe
        and then try running joe.

        If that doesn't work, then I don't know.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Bah! Stupid unix... the path wasn't in my path variable.. and I thought that wouldnt matter if I was trying to run it from its directory.. ah well.. all fixed... THANKS!


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