WordStar Compatability?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I found joe in my quest for a WordStar compatable editor for Linux. One thing that drives me NUTs are editors that claim to be WordStar compatable, but are not.

    Joe's WS compatability is pretty good, better than most, but not perfect.  I have "fixed" several things in the default jstarrc file, but have some questions:

    ^U "undoes" ^Y.  ONCE.  In WS, it would perform the undo of ^Y as many times as you wanted. Can this be fixed in the rc file?

    TAB key.  When insert is off (overwrite mode), the TAB key should function as a cursor move key, NOT insert/replace the current character with a tab. In insert mode, of course, it inserts
    a tab.  Can this be fixed?

    Ditto for the return key (This is NOT a WS feature, but I like things this way), with insert
    OFF, return is just a cursor motion key.  In fact, I'd further like it such that if insert is ON, hitting return turns it off and then simply moves the cursor.

    Yes, I type 99.999999999999% of the time with insert OFF.  I've been doing it that way since 1978 and WS 3.0!

    Can these issues be 'fixed' via clever .rc file hacks, or is it time to obtain the sources and fix things at that level? Any pointers would be appreciated!


    • David Phillips

      David Phillips - 2002-07-20

      In the current Debian version (2.8), the ^Y and undo feature works, in both normal mode and WordStar mode.  The undo buffer appears to have a limited length of 50 lines.  Perhaps the version you are using is broken?

      I don't completely understand what you mean about return and insert.  But it sounds like it can't be fixed with an rc file.  The reason is that there is no way to switch to insert or overtype mode.  You can only toggle between them.

      If enter never inserts a line, then how do you insert one?

      Is this project dead?  There haven't been any releases for eight months.  If only someone would make a JOE emulation configuration for vim...


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