jpico cannot type letters

  • S P Arif Sahari Wibowo


    I just install JOE 3.3 (through Fink, but it is compiled in my MacOS X).

    Funny thing: if I start jpico, I cannot type in alphabets. Numerals, signs, control character all work fine, but when I type any character in [A-Za-z], nothing happens. In text box no character typed out, in command no effect happens.

    All other instances of joe: joe, jmacs, jstar, works fine (alphabets typed in is ok). So must be something in the jpicorc, any idea?


    • S P Arif Sahari Wibowo

      Update: found the cause.

      Originally I opened jpicorc using UW's pico. Although I did not change anything, apparently I did save it. Well, pico replaced all "high ASCII" character with question mark "?", so it changed the the line:

      type   ^@ TO \x0ff


      type   ^@ TO ?

      causing only characters up to question mark recognized by joe as type ins.


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