John Cholewa - 2008-08-13

I often invoke joe with a bunch of files to edit at the same time, and it always loads them with split windows.  I'd like to just have the first window viewable, and then I can ^K^N to the other ones at my leisure.

As it is, I have to ^K^I or ^]xexplode whenever I go into it.  I couldn't find any command line switches that do this. -orphan is close but not the same thing.  I've tried piping control characters and commands into joe...

( echo -en "\033"; echo -n "xexplode" ) | joe myfile*

...but all it does is create the character and text in a new window.

Macros were a possible bet.  I have it so that it goes to single window mode upon the first keystroke...

-mfirst explode     # in the .joerc file

...but I'd really like to know if there's a place to run macros upon loading joe in the first place.  I tried -mnew, but that runs the macro when I manually load a file, not when the file is loaded via command-line invocation.  And -mnew is probably run on any file load, so it'd keep exploding and imploding every time I load a file.  :/

Hints or suggestions?  Thanks in advance!