What has been happening around JOE?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What are the goals of the project (roadmap, improvements planned, ...)?
    What has been the progress until now?

    I have been using joe since (buff, cannot even remember) and I was _very_ glad to see that a new development effort has started.


    • Marek Grac

      Marek Grac - 2001-03-28

      I try to define roadmap in TODO, but what is need to do is to clean sources and add documentation.
      Main features in new versions will be support of gettext (messages in national languages), syntax higligting, perl style regexp, ...
      But now I need to understand to all parts of the code. There will be only minor improvements until that time

    • Egmont Koblinger

      Does anybody know what happend to the original author of Joe? Tired of writing joe, hates computer? Is he even alive or maybe dead?

      • Steve Lamb

        Steve Lamb - 2001-06-05

        Joseph Allen is still around, still coding apparently.  He stopped working on joe to work on other projects and was going to return to joe when they were completed as some would lead to evenetual improvements in joe itself.  That was, uhm, 5+ years ago.  :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just to say that's Joe is my editor of choice for editing little script and little test program but I thinks it lacks one little feature
      1) when I copy it , say on a little floppy rescue disk, it always complains about /etc/joerc lacking, does it exist a way to tell it to run through default if it cannot find its rcfile ?

      2) and is there a way to add (not replace) the CUA (ctrlX, ctrl C, CTRL V) WITH the wordstar command line (the same than TURBO PASCAL I used for 10 years)......

      Thanks for great works guys

      Joe rocks !

      Djame (seddah@loria.fr)


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