reubendb - 2009-12-08

I have ftyperc file that I uses to work with joe-3.5 for a long time. Now my distro uses joe-3.7, and I found out that the -istep is not honored, for some reason.
I compiled from source both joe 3.5 and 3.7, and ftyperc is in ~/.joe/.

1. If I use 3.5, open an existing file, and hit CTRL-T, I can see "Indent Step" set as I want it.
2. If I use 3.7, open an existing file, CTRL-T shows "Indent Step" is set to 1
3. If I use 3.7, open a _new_ file (same extension as prev. 2), "Indent Step" is set correctly
4. If I use 3.7, and reopen the file I created in 3), "Indent Step" is again set to 1.

Does anyone see this ?