Key bindings

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have two questions about key bindings:

    1) What key does '.@7' refer to?  As in:
    eol    .@7
    2) Is it possible to assign an extended key combination, such as Ctrl+End to eof?  ^.kH doesn't work...


    • Dan Nelson

      Dan Nelson - 2001-08-28

      Any keybinding with a .?? in it is a termcap sequence.  Run "man 5 termcap" for the complete list.  '@7' is the official code for the End key, but since some systems use 'kH' for End (kH is in fact the code for the "last-line" key, which doesn't even exist on PC keyboards), most prebuilt versions of joe bind both to the joe 'eol' command.

      As for your second question, you can bind actions to any keystroke that generates a unique sequence of characters.  If Ctrl-End sends something different than End, you can bind them to different things.  If they don't, you might have to edit your OS'es keyboard mapping file to force them to send different characters.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I could not find the answer in `man 5 termcap`.  Ctrl-End must be sending a different character sequence than End, because other programs on my computer use them for different functions.  Would  someone kindly tell me how to represent Ctrl-End, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-Right, Ctrl-Left?

      Thank you!


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