Newbie wants to install JOE on Suse Linux

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    On my search for a binary of the JOE editor I cannot find one for Suse Linux, but for Debian, Redhat and others. And what is even worse, these version are very old.

    Where can I find a binary of JOE current version and how can I install it on a Suse Linux?

    Norbert Zanto

    • Charles J. Tabony

      The best way to get a JOE binary is to build it yourself.  The source is portable enough that it should work with any standard Linux distribution.  Simply download the source, go there (in a terminal), and run the following commands:

      tar -xzf joe-3.5.tar.gz
      cd joe-3.5
      make install
      cd ..
      rm -rf joe-3.5*

      That will install JOE at /usr/local.  If you don't have write permission there, or you want to install JOE somewhere else, then add the argument "--prefix=/some/other/path" to "./configure".

      Charles J. Tabony


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