(jstar) ^B pgraph-reform broken w/ noninsert

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Mode: jstar
    Key: ctrl-B (paragraph reform)
    Conditions: non-ctrl-V (overwrite mode, not insert mode)

    Somewhere between joe 3.0 and joe 3.5, ^B paragraph-reform behavior which was identical between the two states of ^V changed. Now it still works properly in insert-mode, confining its actions to the local paragraph, but, in overwrite mode, it apparently ignores newlines and thus trashes prior formatting a good ways further on into the file, perhaps to end of file (I haven't checked that).  The formatting it
    imposes isn't even particularly useful in any way that I can see -- it smears bullet-point lists and outlines, obfuscates C and Perl code indentation, and blindly raises the first few words of a paragraph.

    Is this a new feature whose purpose I haven't fathomed? An unintended side-effect of a new feature which is useful elsewhere? Or an introduced bug?

    At what level can I fix it at my Linux installation? At the rc-level? A command-line option? Or is this deep in the C code?

    In case it matters, jstar is the only mode I use. I'm an old WordStar user (CP/M, MSDOS), so having to check the state of ^V before hitting ^B (or hit ^U to rip out everything put in since the ^B, once I notice it) does interfere with deeply-ingrained (and usually productive) work-habits. I'd rather not have to step back to 3.0 to get around this.

    With the ^P reassignment, I can fix things in the rcfile so as to go back to pasting in italic- and bold-toggle verbatim control-codes as usual. I'm not sure where to attack this ^B problem. Any help will be appreciated.


    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2008-10-26

      I'm working on this.  Please file bugs in the big tracker.


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