FreeBSD probs in building 3.0

  • Marco van de Voort

    Some notes about %subj%

    Tried to build joe-3.0 on FreeBSD 4.9,

    - iconv.h  is in sys/iconv.h
    - iconv is a separate library, don't assume it is in libc.
    - iconv_t doesn't exist, but seems to be int if I look
        at the iconv_open prototype

    I fixed these manually, BUT:

    After this, iswalnum and towupper are missing, and both are available in header wctype, but can't seem to find the header that goes with them

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      About wctype ...
      In your system, type "man wctype" , you can see

      some useful information.

    • ra

      ra - 2004-04-28

      try my patch under patches section.
      It is for 4.9.

      manpage of  wctype doesn't exist in my 4.9.
      Tried the manpage at a 5.2 system and there it exists.
      iswalnum and towupper are standard libc function in 5.2.
      So I think the libc of 4.9 isn't actual enough.
      If you change iswalnum to isalnum it works.
      Don't know what I destroyed with this changes.
      ... we will see ;)

    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2004-05-04

      I removed the iconv() dependence in the last version in CVS.  Can you try building it for FreeBSD?  I want to check that it works before the next release.

    • ra

      ra - 2004-05-10

      the actual automake in the Portstree is
      So some macros are not been found form this version.
      1.8.4 is requiered i know :) but I hav no access to this.
      can someone send me a post automaked source, then i will have a try.

    • ra

      ra - 2004-05-14

      hi, automaked it on my linux system.
      Actual source build now fine under freeBSD 4.9.


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