b_jonas - 2008-11-29


Here's a wishlist of some changes I'd like to see in joe-editor.  None of them are really important, just really small things I meet very rarely.

1.  Currently if you set to autoindent and indent to four spaces, pressing tab at the beginning of the line inserts spaces instead of a tab.  That's all well, however in this case the quote and txt commands also insert spaces when you try to insert a tab.  In the least case, I think you should fix at least the quote command (perhaps by changing the uedit.c:utypebw_raw function not to recognize tabs when the no_decode is set).  I think the cleanest thing might be if there was a separate tab command bound to ^W in buffer windows, and type didn't handle tabs in any special way.

2.  It would be nice if there was a math variable for each boolean mode (like autoindent etc) instead of just rdonly.  These would allow a macro to set or clear a mode easily (instead of just toggling) and restore it.  As an example, I currently have the following in my joerc.

:def setrdonly if,"!rdonly",then,mode,"rdonly",rtn,endif
:def view edit,query,setrdonly
:def view edit,query,mode,"o",mode,"1"  for joe before 3.6
view            ^K j            Edit file and set read-only mode
view            ^K J            Edit file and set read-only mode
view            ^K ^J           Edit file and set read-only mode

3.  I dislike that the backquote character is bound to the quote command and have turned it off in my joerc.  However, it seems that this setting is hardcoded for incremental search.  If there's an easy way to change this, could you please do it?

4.  If you type something more than one screen line long in the minibuffer, and then go back, it seems that the minibuffer is always scrolled so the cursor is at the rightmost place of the screen.  This makes editing quite hard for you can't see anything to the right of the cursor.  Could you perhaps change this somehow?

5.  Blkmove is apparently fixed now, but blkdel and filt still happily changes the contents of the block in a readonly buffer if you're in another buffer.

Sorry for just writing a wishlist instead of patches for now.  Thank you for your time,