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S.J. Luo
  • S.J. Luo

    S.J. Luo - 2004-01-17

      I am a faithful joe user for years. It's pity that such a outstand editor is not very active in comparison with other editors like vi or nano. Maybe I can help for something. I have seen many of the post discuss about feature of syntax highlight. Does anyone plan to or currently working for implementing this feature? I just browsed the joe source code and want to implement this function. If someone have done something, maybe I can resume the unfinished code/work.


    • Marek Grac

      Marek Grac - 2004-01-18


      there are some implementations of syntax highligting but they were quite hack. if u would like to do something about it plz contact me. Unfortunately there is not even one programmer working on new features (i believe it will be better but ... time, time, time)


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I haven't seen any implementations of joe's syntax highlighting, can you post a link to them? Some say there was a patch on - long time ago. Haven't seen it either.

    • S.J. Luo

      S.J. Luo - 2004-01-19

      Hi Marek,

      Yes I want to help this but I have no idea where to start. How is the progress of your implementation and what is needed to be improved?



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