feature request: password protect?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Password-protecting text files is a common enough concept it has probably been brought up before.  But for some reason I can't seem to find it on the feature list of any major Unix text-mode editors.  It wouldn't have to be full AES-128 or whatever; rot-13 [with rot-5 for the digits too--cant have them clear-text!] would do for some purposes.

    The scenario is for a laptop or palmtop [zaurus?], where I want to keep stuff like phone numbers & credit card emergency info, but not make it all immediately available to anyone who steals the laptop.

    Maybe the reason nobody is doing this is because it is easy to write a script/ batch file ["joecrypt"?] that:

    -decrypts cryptfile to temptextfile using some third-party crypto package
    -calls joe to edit temptextfile
    -on exit, re-encrypts temptextfile to cryptfile using same third-party software
    -deletes cryptfile.

    I understand 7-zip's unix version is a command-line product and can do AES-128, so it can be the third-party package.  But I haven't written a script in several years, and am wondering if others have better suggestions or have already done this.


    • Adam D. I. Kramer

      At first, I figured this would be trivial...something like
      openssl -enc -e des3 -in /file/to/edit | joe - | openssl -enc -e des3 -out /file/to/edit
      ...except that joe is behaving really weirdly in this case. It seems like some but not all characters are actually passed to joe...and if I type a bunch of stuff then ^KX out, it also doesn't seem to be properly passed to openssl.

      Actually, joe - seems buggy as heck! I thought this was fixed in like 3.3!

      As to your problem, friend, I recommend using the above command line once - works properly. :)


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