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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First of all, Thanks for this wonderful editor. I use it from the times of turbo-C.

    I have found a probable source of trouble with the function utf8_encode. Negative values are incorrectly managed and there is a possibility of buffer overrun or null pointer dereferencing.

    I would like to contribute a patch for solving this, but as it will be rather big, I would like to know if you would accept it before doing it.

    I am very interested in the stability of joe, because I use it for editing my own programs.

    Antonio Diaz, GNU Ocrad author and maintainer.

    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2004-06-01

      Nobody should be passing negative numbers to utf8_encode- if you've found some code which is doing this, please point to it (or send a patch).  I will certainly accept patches for actual bugs.

      I don't see how utf8_encode would cause a buffer overrun even with an incorrect argument.

      You should join the mailing list- most of the action takes place there.


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