I am using JOE to write my e-mail (together with mutt). I would like a setup where mutt + JOE are able to create and send e-mail in 'flowed' format. To have mutt add the right headers, all I need is
  set text_flowed=yes
in my .muttrc. It works (adding spaces at the end of every line actually creates an e-mail that is properly displayed in flowed format in Thunderbird).

Now, JOE would have to add an extra space before the linefeed whenever it is auto-wrapping a line. Is there a way to do this? Of couse I'd like this option to be switched on for specified files only.

Mail file
-syntax mail
-rmargin 072
...new option here...

JOE should not add spaces if I hit <return>. This is also the reason I can't simply use a filter and append spaces to all lines: there could be lines where I actually want a hard linefeed. Only the editor knows either way (auto-wrap -> soft LF, return -> hard LF).

Does JOE have the ability to do that?