Xterm support path

  • Jeremy Cowgar

    Jeremy Cowgar - 2004-12-21

    What ever became of the patch for Joe 2.8 that adds support for mouse control for Joe when running it under Xterm?


    Is this going to make it into a future version of Joe? It would be a nice addition.


    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2005-02-26

      I haven't forgotten it: it's a huge patch which has both mouse support and improvements to the macro language.  I have lots of reviewing to do for it.

      The mouse thing reminds me of a bug: autoindent and ` mess up cut & paste.  I'd like to add a mode to xterm which causes drops to be delimited.

    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2005-02-27

      Well, I've applied the patch.  The latest CVS now has Jesse McGrew's xterm mouse support.  One problem with it: when you select text with xterm in this mode you can not paste it to other windows.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In the mean-time, couldn't we get a ^T option to turn-on/turn-off the '`' control metacharacter trigger mode?

      Don't get me wrong, I *LIKE* the "`" for typing hex, or decimal codes every now and then... but most of the time when I need to cut-n-paste lots of lines of bash, TeX, or sendmail's m4 files with loads of grave's, I >hate< to say this but... I'm forced to load vi. 

      ---And that's just sad when it's faster to save your file, load it in vi, do your paste, save out of vi, and reload it in joe.  (Rather than fix 5+ screwed up "`" marks)


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