jeff_h - 2008-12-12

Is there any possibility that the full set of POSIX and/or GNU regular expression pattern matching operators could be added to the regex module of some future JOE version? Parenthesized sub-expression matching (I could definitely use a construct that might look like "\+\(sub-expression)" ) and branches/alternation (|) would be particularly useful. GNU sed 4.1.5 also includes a set of case conversion replacement string operators for the 's/regexp/replacement/flags' command that would come in VERY handy just about now, in my current project. So why not just use sed? Unfortunately, so far as I know, sed does not have an option to prompt the user to confirm each replacement (which JOE does have).

I'd offer a patch, but most of JOE is well beyond my meager coding abilities. I've never even used all the features of a standard regex library (the replace features, in particular), much less hacked or written a regex library. I hope I can persuade someone on the project to expand the regex capabilities of search & replace. Thanks,