Inline spellchecking

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Since joe now supports syntax highlighting, it would be great if we could use this to mark misspelled words. I started to implement this using libmyspell. Now, I am looking for documentation about the syntax highlighting feature. Some parts of joe are documented rather precisely in the HACKING file, but I couldn't find a single word about that syntax highlighting stuff.

    What do you thing, where would be the right place in the code to implement inline spellchecking?

    Best regards, Mat

    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2005-03-22

      The only documentation is in the c.jsf syntax file (in the comments).  A syntax file for matching words is simple (look at how keywords are handled).

      I wish there were a way to make this more dynamic- so it always highlights mispelled words.  A trick emacs uses is if the editor is idle for 1 second and there had been changes, run a task.  I'll have to add hooks for this in next version.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hm ok, thank you for the hint about the c syntax file. Note that it won't be enough to just match a wordlist - the aspell stuff is much more complex.

      I guess my approach is crap, but I managed to match misspelled words and printf them or do something else by hacking the parse() function in syntax.c with libaspell (not libmyspell), but I really don't see how to highlight those words instead of just printf() them :(


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