Default to "Yes" on exit

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    In Joe 2.x, when I would exit, it would ask me if I wanted to save, and if I hit 'enter', that would be the same as yes. Now I have to find the 'Y'.

    I realize that this is quite trivial but after 5 or 6 years of muscle memory it's very difficult to adjust. I will often do control-x (I'm a jpico guy) enter and then type a bunch of shell commands before I notice that I'm actually still typing into that question at the bottom of the Joe screen. Whether or not my changes are saved depends on whether the character 'y' or 'n' appears next in the commands that I type. Most frustrating, and I've lost an awful lot of work since switching to Joe 3.

    Is there any way to get it to revert to the earlier behavior? Thanks.

    • Joe Allen

      Joe Allen - 2005-05-18

      Edit the jpicorc file:

      Look for ^X: change the line to just:

      exsave   ^X

      Also, look for the line:

      stat  ^C

      Comment this line out by inserting a space at the beginning
      of the line.  This way, ^C aborts the current file.


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