#7 prevword semantics


Hi, I've been using joe-2.8 for years now with no
problems, but decided to upgrade to 2.9.5 recently
(amongst other things to get the security bugfixes).
I've noticed a new behaviour of prevword (^Z) which
is... strange, to say the least, and would much prefer
to have the original behaviour again.

In the old joe, if you hit ^Z in a word, it would
position the cursor at the first character of that word
in all cases, which is the behaviour I'd like back.
With the current release, in most cases the cursor is
positioned to the character _before_ the first letter
of the word. If the word is the first word on a line
(with no preceding whitespace) this is particularly
confusing, as the cursor ends up at the end of the
previous line.

Even this isn't a consistent behaviour; if I press ^Z
on the first word of the file, the cursor is placed on
the _second_ character of the word, which makes no

If you can restore the original behaviour I'd greatly
appreciate it - I found it much easier to work with.
At the very least, the behaviour should be

Thanks for taking up maintenance of joe!


  • Marek Grac

    Marek Grac - 2001-04-10

    Logged In: YES

    This is bug which is solved in all 2.9.6 prereleases.
    This bug is in joe-2.9.4; joe-2.9.5

  • Marek Grac

    Marek Grac - 2001-04-10
    • status: open --> closed

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