#6 SegFault at Solaris

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Marek Grac

Submitted by: Moritz Barsnick

I've got a little bug, which was introduced in the run
of your locale
offerings. (The locale fix for jumping words was a
feature I'd long
missed! Thanks!) You turned to using isalnum_(), which
relies on
isalnum(). On Solaris, isalnum() is only defined to
accept values from
-1 (EOF) to 255. It actually starts segfaulting
somewhere between 5000
and 6000! (That's why I noticed. This segfault issue is
posted to
comp.os.solaris.) I don't really know what prgetc and
pgetc return
MAXINT for, but isalnum() doesn't like it, so I've put
some sticky code
around it (quite similar to what happens in the lines
before, I guess).


  • Marek Grac

    Marek Grac - 2001-04-19
    • assigned_to: nobody --> marx_sk
  • Marek Grac

    Marek Grac - 2001-05-10
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Vitezslav Samel

    Vitezslav Samel - 2003-02-21

    Logged In: YES

    fixed in current CVS

  • Vitezslav Samel

    Vitezslav Samel - 2003-02-21
    • assigned_to: marx_sk --> vsamel
    • status: open --> closed

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