#208 Feature Request - streamline file selection

Sam Penny

I often start a session of joe with something like

joe *.php

and then proceed to edit a random smattering of files from within that. I often get a little frustrated with pressing ^K^P ^K^P ^K^P ^K^P etc. to change from one file to another. It'd be really handy to have a quicker way to switch from one file to another (other than the adjacent one)

Two suggestions:

1) a quick "switch to the last file I edited" type behaviour (a bit like alt-tab in a typical window manager) though exactly how you would define that last file is a question with a *little* scope for argument...

2) a "Switch to..." key which pops up a selector where the up / down cursor keys followed by enter will select the named file, allowing more files to be seen on screen simultaneously and multiple files to be skipped over more quickly.

2.5) an auto-complete type interface so I can type a few characters of the filename and have the list filtered to only those that match the characters I've typed.

Given the choice, 2.5 would be my favourite!

As you may have guessed, I'm a php programmer, rather than a C programmer, or I'd have had a go at it myself! In the meantime, thanks very much for my favourite text editor! :-)

Cheers & God bless
Sam "SammyTheSnake" Penny


  • Sam Penny

    Sam Penny - 2007-08-23
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  • Charles J. Tabony

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    2.5 already exists but it is a bit clunky. See this thread:


    Hitting tab twice will give you a menu of open files that begin with anything you have already typed. You can then hit ^K P to move the cursor into the menu. With your cursor in the menu, you can use the arrow keys to navigate, or you can hit a key to jump to the first entry that starts with that character. Hitting the same key multiple times highlights successive entries that begin with that character. If only one entry begins with the character typed, it will be filled into the prompt.

    You can bind the bufed command to a key sequence in your joerc. A binding to ^[ d is already there, but commented out (initial space).


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