#129 joe editor can't handle pseudo-terminals

Tom Knight

This was orginally submitted to the Gentoo bugzilla

Joe expects to find legacy ptys when trying to run and
capture the output of a program from within a joe
window (ESC-!). If support for legacy ptys isn't
compiled into the kernel, the message "No ptys
available" is displayed. A quick look at the source
code for joe j(tty.c) indicates that this is indeed the
case and there's no code in place to handle ptmx/pts

The problem can be addressed by recompiling the kernel
with CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS enabled, with the result that
/dev gets cluttered up with a lot of (mostly) unneeded
devices and device links since most programs that need
pseudo-terminals are built with support for the 2.6
kernel modern pseudo-terms.


  • Joe Allen

    Joe Allen - 2005-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    Look a little more into it: JOE has three methods opening
    ptys: search for getpty() in tty.c. There's the old way,
    the /dev/ptmx way and openpty(). Possibly the configure
    script failed to choose the right method. On my system, it
    chose openpty()- perhaps openpty() itself is not using

    Anyway, I'll try to find a 2.6 kernel based system to test this.

  • Jan Engelhardt

    Jan Engelhardt - 2005-08-05

    Logged In: YES

    Works for me with joe 3.1 / linux 2.6.


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