Ed Thompson - 2007-08-20

I am trying to use JODE as an embedded decompiler, esposing it as an ANT class.

If I include the whole JODE build as part of my project, a file gets generated.  If I use jode-1.1-embedded.jar instead, the same code generates an java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for the class I am trying to decompile.

The code is pretty straightforward:

String outFile = "c:\\development\\eclipse_workspace_rad1\\TestEmbeddedJode\\tmp.java";
String className = TestJode.class.getName();
ProgressListener progress = null;
FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(outFile);
BufferedWriter bufWriter = new BufferedWriter(writer);
Decompiler dc = new Decompiler();
dc.decompile(className, bufWriter, progress);

Any help appreciated.