obfuscating directory names

  • gyuri79

    gyuri79 - 2007-01-25


    Where directory names correspond to package names, will Jode obfuscate those directory



    • Trevor Harmon

      Trevor Harmon - 2007-01-25

      I am pretty sure JODE can obfuscate package names if you set up a StrongRenamer and specify charsetPackage, as in the myproject.jos example.

      But I don't understand your question... In Java, when do package names *not* correspond to directories? And what do you mean by obfuscating a directory?

      • gyuri79

        gyuri79 - 2007-01-25

        Thank you for your kind response.

        I have seen some jar files where there was a directory for example, containing images and such! It was not a package directory, just a directory for ststic files.

        It would be nice to obfuscate these as well...

        • Trevor Harmon

          Trevor Harmon - 2007-01-25

          I get it; you're talking about resources, not packages. I doubt JODE's obfuscator will change those. But you can always try and see.


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