Is Jode still under active development?

  • hemisfear

    hemisfear - 2003-05-02

    The last CVS commit was 11/2002...

    • Bernard Farrell

      Bernard Farrell - 2003-05-05

      <P>I've started work on adding more option settings to the GUI interface and adding color to the generated Java output.
      Unfortunately real life gets in the way, so I've not had a chance to complete this yet. It will be at least another 2 months before this is complete.

    • SeeksTheMoon

      SeeksTheMoon - 2003-06-01

      I've converted the complete build-system to Apache ANT (no makefiles and perl-scripts anymore), included getopt and created an option to save the decompiled output to a file (new menu-entry).
      I'm working on i18n (that should go fast with netbeans).
      Are you interested?

      • Jochen Hoenicke

        Jochen Hoenicke - 2003-06-02

        seeksthemoon: You should checkout the latest CVS version. It already has an ant build script. You can compare it with yours and try to get the best of both.

        As for the GUI you should speak with bernfarr, so that you don't conflict with each other or do the same work.

        When you have something in a state that can be checked in, I can give you write access to the CVS.

    • SeeksTheMoon

      SeeksTheMoon - 2003-06-03

      ok, I'm talking to bernfarr about that.
      My save-Dialog is working and localized to german and english.
      I've added a file and tweaked the build.xml a little bit so that an executable jar will be created.
      Your jar-file just included only some docs (or ant 1.5.3 did not create all files right).

      Is it right, that you disabled the feature to decompile a single class-file? It is only possible to decompile a class within a jar or zip-file.
      I get a ClassFormatException because of "unknown source" when I select a simple class file.



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