OpenFlights provide a commonly used free database with airports (name, city, country, long, lat, timezone, DST information etc). It can be found here: http://openflights.org/data.html

The timezone and dst information are available as:

Timezone: Hours offset from UTC. Fractional hours are expressed as decimals, eg. India is 5.5.

DST: Daylight savings time. One of E (Europe), A (US/Canada), S (South America), O (Australia), Z (New Zealand), N (None) or U (Unknown).

(more information on time availble here: http://openflights.org/help/time.html)

From what I can see using the fractional hours in decimal format is fine (sadly, no "Europe/xxx" format).

My concern is the DST information being one of E (Europe), A (US/Canada), S (South America), O (Australia), Z (New Zealand), N (None) or U (Unknown). How do I actually use this information with Joda Time? Is it even compatible, i.e. possible?

If not, I'd really appreciate any hint on how I can solve this matter.