Hello every body and Joerg Schulenburg,

folks I had already sent you message for such problem
but that message has been discarded ! may be due to size
more then 10 Kb , i had compressed attached image file to resend
this message to you. Hope i will get some positive response.

Frist of all thanks for GOCR ..and wish a more nice progress!!!!

I am Building one perticular solution using GOCR at core , I am going
to use it for Fixed LCD display (Small problem domin as compare to whole
GOCR project , I am utilizing GOCR at core of my problem)

I want to recog. chars. from B/W display image of one
electronic Device. The fonts on Display are 7 segment

How I can recognize chars. from 7 segment

1) Problem with box detection in GOCR :
Basically The problem is way of 7 segment character's
structure , One 7 segment digit is build up with sevral elements.
for example Digits 1, is made up of two vertical elements.


I had atteched also image file with this request.
Here GOCR creates two box for digit 1 (each for display elements)
i would like to have uniform box creation for 7 segment as well normal

There is some "gap" between elements of 7 segment
display, so rather then Detecting box for whole
character , GOCR detects more then one boxes for
single 7 segment display. !

Can any help me for such problem.

- saurabh