Got it working in Java

Dean Mao
  • Dean Mao

    Dean Mao - 2004-04-03

    I spent 2 days working on it, but I hacked up a JNI interface for it in case anyone wants to interface GOCR with Java.  You pass in a javax.swing.ImageIcon and I pass you back a String extracted from the image.  We're using J2EE+GOCR for a funky printer-intercept-ocr software in the hotel business....

    • Mark Frushour

      Mark Frushour - 2004-04-03

      I'd love to have access to that! Thanks.

      • Mark Frushour

        Mark Frushour - 2004-04-20

        Any luck with this?

    • Dean Mao

      Dean Mao - 2004-04-05

      Let me spend a few days to polish it up a bit....  such as being able to control the options normally passed via command line to be done via a Java API interface. 

      • Mark Frushour

        Mark Frushour - 2004-04-06

        Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! :)

      • elmendor

        elmendor - 2004-06-23

        Would appreciate having a java menu frontend to gocr if that is what you are doing.

        If you do that please let us know. It would be a great help.


    • Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-Nade

      I'd be interested too :)

    • joan

      joan - 2004-12-02

      Would really appreciate the java code for this.
      Thanks, J

    • Mark Bennett

      Mark Bennett - 2004-12-26

      No need to clean it up!  Just thow it over the wall, please!


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