Neural network algroritms

Mark Kica
  • Mark Kica

    Mark Kica - 2007-02-08

    Can somebody tell me which kind of NN algorithms are you using ? I spend a short time with reading of sources ,but its little bit hard to read and understand them for me.

    Are you using first Kohonnen SOM to ,,cover" pixels and then classifing using backpropagation (Or some other probability methods)? Where are your training patterns ?

    • Alexey Titov

      Alexey Titov - 2007-02-23

      Does GOCR use Neural Nets? It is very interesting. Can anybody explain how does it work?

    • Alexey Titov

      Alexey Titov - 2007-02-26

      Does developers read this forum? Is anybody alive here?


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