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JobyX 2

I am rewriting JobyX from scratch, hopefully making it more stable, easier to develop for (maybe), truly object-oriented, and much easier for me to extend.

A quick list of what's in store:
* OO module structure. (Modules inherit from JobyX::Module.)
* Imported common subroutines, instead of calling the main package.
* Java-like trappable errors. (try { throw new CommandException("Command not found.") } catch "CommandException", { my $e=shift; print "oops: $e\n" }... read more

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-10-10

JobyX 0.99.6 beta released!

This new release patches a small bug in &::userinfo - a user who had not used JobyX and was not online would be assigned a null parray. If this combination is met, the default parray is now returned.

In addition, you can now request a finger for each user that connects, without fingering each user that is already connected. This is useful if you need to know if a user is a guest (the who list displays "++++" for such users) without using a ton of bandwidth when JobyX logs in. Since pins of connecting users don't display guest status unless JobyX is an admin, it will still finger connecting users.... read more

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-05-26

JobyX 0.99.5 beta released!

This release has some minor bugfixes and adds one extra option that can dramatically speed up login time over slow connections. (In this case, "slow" is anything less than cable.)

Enjoy, and please post any feedback you have and/or modules that you write. Remember that you are not required to make your modules public, but it is strongly recommended to help publicize the project and proving beginners with a few examples.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-05-04

JobyX 0.99.4 beta released!

A few small changes here. &::table can now draw horizontally merged cells and the Show___Info commands were added.

Let me know how it works for you!

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-04-11

JobyX 0.99.3 alpha released!

Whoa. This version is even better than expected! With the new &::table function, output looks better than ever. Of course, there are a few bugfixes as well. Complete details can be found in the changelog.

For online documentation, visit

Come on, let's get some downloads out there!

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-04-08

JobyX 0.99.2 alpha released!

0.99.1 alpha was a major upgrade, adding helpfiles and player comments. 0.99.2 is simply a bugfix upgrade. No downloads yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Special thanks to Jonathen for taking over the website.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-04-07

JobyX 0.99.0 alpha released!

The alpha version is complete except for the helpsystem. If you find any bugs, please post them on the bug tracker and I will fix them ASAP.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-04-01

More stuff done

The command structure is finished. List structure is well underway. The last major list feature to be written is to read/write it to/from disk. A beta package will be released any time now!

There have been a few minor changes to the module reference, so don't rely on everything in there.

Most of JobyX's commands have been moved into the "CORE" module, which also serves as a nice example on how to do some hacking into JobyX's namespace, overloading commands, and other fun-but-dangerous things.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-03-20

Significant progress

Some core features of JobyX have been finished. These include command parsing, internal command management, user information storage, and qualification string parsing.

An alpha version should be out in about two weeks, though some bugs will undoubtedly exist.

I am also developing a module for testing purposes. It will be released as an example module for you to examine. The purpose is to allow users to talk through JobyX, using the "tell" command. "censor" and "tmuzzle" lists will help the demonstration along, as well as a general "tell" variable that toggles relayed tells on and off.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-03-10

Development underway!

JobyX is slowly taking form! I expect an alpha version to be out within the next couple of weeks.

Posted by Chris Howie 2003-03-06