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PHPJobSite Version 0.5.2 SR2 STABLE Released

After 3 years, We have finally released a stable release of PHPJobSite. Added checks, input sanitation, and a easier-to-install installer. Version 0.7ish should be ready soon, with the added feature of allowing users to post resumes/CVs

Posted by Jon Harris 2009-01-29

Ver 2.0

Version 2 is in the works. I apoligize for the long delay, but I'm the only coder, and I have 2 full-time jobs (one as a network admin, one as a programmer). Version 2 will implement the ability of using templates easily without the use of smarty. I am working on having 3 versions: 1 for a quick install, one for a manual install, and one unstable(beta--break it to your hearts content). I'm not too good at remembering to comment my code, but I'll try. Oh yeah, MULTI LINGUAL people needed to help me translate this into at least 50 different languages. if you know english, as well as one other language, please send me an e-mail!

Posted by Jon Harris 2007-08-03