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jobcrawler - is it all about who you know ? rev. 1

For some time now, we are present on the website. Trying to attract investors or in common people who share our ideas and thinking and find the jobcrawler project a good idea.
So far we have no replies, which makes us confused. Is it not a good idea, or are all people waiting for the moment that the product is allready a success, and let us do all the hard work, without any effort or resources at all.
Or is it about who we know, or the education level we have, in other words the lack of friends in high places.
So the main question is how the hell can the open source system be successfull, innovative, leading, improve the quality and development speed of software in general, if there are no investors seeking new oppertunities.... read more

Posted by jan ripke 2004-02-17

jobcrawler - the idea

We intend to be the jobcrawler more then an search robot for direct employment only.

The idea is to port it's findings (data) to different database servers (for example : oracle, mysql), where the record layout can be configured and by doing so is dynamic, depending on the integration level wanted by the user.

Posted by jan ripke 2004-02-11

jobcrawler - activity

At the moment were are building PHP/MySQL based fully dynamic and interdatabase replicatable website software for our website Job critics (, which we are also developing.
This site will the basis for the jobcrawler project.

Also in progress is a jobcrawler starters document, which tells you about the jobcrawler project. It will give you background information off the job market, our goals, our mission, and so on. The intentions of the document are to get all kinds of people interested in the jobcrawler project and enlarge the team.

Posted by jan ripke 2003-12-11

jobcrawler - more alarming news

When you seek employment all employment agencies are your opponent. Remember they seek employment to, instead of you they are paid for it and are roaming the job market on larger numbers.

On the other hand we see, in the Netherlands, an alarming tendency forming. This tendency is that you, as jobseeker, have to pay an employment agency in order to get a job.
What we see is that large employment agencies are developing a form of job ensurance. The first step in achieving this is in progress. The introduction of a middle man structure. Small independend companies of one or two persons who sell the product, job employment, of the bigger company.

Posted by jan ripke 2003-12-11

jobcrawler - dangers

It is our opinion that job mediation damages a country and the people living in it. Constitutional most countries take some responsibility concerning employment. Job mediators challenge this by making it to be a peoples business. Therefore it should be forbidden. The jobcrawler project can be the first step in achieving this by showing people the dangers surrounding job mediation. It also will give people an fair non-profit alternative.

Posted by jan ripke 2003-11-09

jobcrawler - it's needed

Some time ago i send an email to some mayor Dutch job sites, including the one owned by the Dutch government, in which i told them about my concerns concerning the bogy vacancies of mediators on their website.

For your information bogy vacancies are vacancies which do not realy exist. This kind of vacancies are used by mediators to trick job searching people to send their resume, so they can fill their database in a very cheap way.
On the other hand they try to destroy the not mediated job market by using the method of surrounding one serious vacancie with 10 of them, so you easely miss the serious one, which they also contact for mediation.... read more

Posted by jan ripke 2003-11-03

jobcrawler - in search for a logo

In order to give the project an personal look, we are in need of an professional good looking and cool logo.

As always the backround of the project site will be black.

Posted by jan ripke 2003-11-03