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JNotify 0.91 is released

Bugfix release, fixes issues on windows and linux.
Windows : fixed lost events under stress.
Linux : fixed incorrect events when moving files between two monitored roots.

Posted by Omry Yadan 2007-03-10

JNotify 0.9 is released

Seveal bugs have been fixed in the linux implementation of JNotify.
If you use JNotify on Linux, you want update it to this one.

Posted by Omry Yadan 2006-08-17

JNotify 0.8 is released

Soon after the release of 0.7, a small bug was discovered by Jerome Jar (thanks!). which prevented the jvm from exiting properly after JNotify was used on windows.
the bug joined his ancestors.

Posted by Omry Yadan 2006-05-08

JNotify 0.7 is released

Win32 API bugs fixed.
there are no longer any known issues.

Posted by Omry Yadan 2006-05-07