#126 build.xml platform dependent properties

Version 1.2


The build.xml contains the following lines
<!-- load the build properties file -->
<property file="build.properties" />

<!-- Platform dependent properties -->
<property file="${os.name}_${os.arch}.properties" />
<property file="${os.name}.properties" />

Since thoses properties are immutable values, the properties defined in the Platform dependent properties will never override the properties from the build.properties file. Specially, the following properties from build.properties cannont be override by specific OS platform (my mingmw is on Z not on C)

# Compiler environment properties
compiler.dir = c:\\mingw
compiler.cc.bin.dir = ${compiler.dir}\\bin
compiler.ld.bin.dir = ${compiler.dir}
compiler.cc.cmd = g++
compiler.ld.cmd = g++


  • Sly Technologies

    • status: open --> open-accepted
    • Group: --> Version 1.2
  • Sly Technologies

    Yes, that is a valid issue. We will address it at a different time, as we currently can not touch the buildscripts. However you do have a very valid point and we will address it.


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