Put only selected test case into test suite

  • Richard Hor

    Richard Hor - 2008-10-10

    i encounter a weird situation is that.
    i have just created few test cases for certain classes. but when i run in WTK, the test suite begins to execute from the first class in the my project.

    some deleted test case was  till chosen to run and cause classNotFoundException.

    anyway to exclude those existing test that don't want to run. or can i just create a customized test suite and run it only.

    and 1 more novice question is that, can i centralize all test files(all test case and test suite) into a package, so that i can separate the real source code and testing code.
    i did try this way by moving all auto-generated test case into a package then caused classNotFoundException

    thx for answering

    • CA Meijer

      CA Meijer - 2008-10-16

      I'm not sure that I understand the problem.  It sounds to me like your WTK project has a reference to a MIDlet class that isn't in your build?

      Certainly it's possible to separate tests and source so that you can have build (a JAR and JAD file for your application excluding all the test code) and a build for your tests (which would include all the application and test code).  However, the WTK is probably not a good choice for trying to achieve that.  Rather than using the WTK directly I suggest that you use a plugin for a popular IDE (the EclipseME for Eclipse or the Netbeans mobility pack).  Your application development will be much faster.  You might also want to investigate Ant and Antenna for creating scripts to build your application and test MIDlets.

      Sun have just released a Java ME SDK that might also be better for separating your test and application code but I haven't yet tried it.



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