Patch to avoid TestSuites SecurityException

  • Francisco Benitez

    Hello, I have made a patch for JMUnit 1.2.1 CLDC 1.1 that allows to execute TestSuites on simulators/emulators and devices that throw a SecurityException like Nokia ones.

    The patch basically removes MIDlet from Test inheritance chain (the class Assertion no longer extends MIDlet).

    You could download it and know a bit more at the project's page at

    Francisco Benitez Leon
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    • CA Meijer

      CA Meijer - 2009-08-25

      Hi Francisco,

      Thanks. Your documentation is very good.  I look forward to trying it.


      • Francisco Benitez

        Hello Carl,

        I hope you find it useful. I have been using JMUnit for a while and thought this was the best way to thank you for your effort.

        I am now in the process of modifying NetBeans Mobility J2MEUnit module to integrate the patched library.

        So far, I have modified the JMUnit Empty Test template and changed some lines of code to include the new library as the default option when using Tools->Create JUnit Test. I'm also planning to include a new wizard for automating the creation of the necessary files to run the tests (MIDlet, TestSuite and TestRunner). I'm going slower than I thought as I'm not very familiar with NetBeans API, but I'll  let you know when I finish it.



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