John Wallace - 2011-02-17


I'm a systems admin installing JMulTI in a student lab environment running Windows 7 and I'm running into issues with saving a project.  It does not let a user save the project to anything but drive C:

When you open the save dialog the system is pointing at the user's default save space on a network share (ie \\server\share).  JMulTi will not allow saving there, claiming it cannot write the project file due to permission problems.  I've tried using a drive letter mapping in case JMulTi does not handle UNC paths well.  H:\ will not allow saving either.

The network share definitely allows the user to write to that location.  In fact because that location is the default documents folder for a user, JMulTi is storing the .jmulti_laststate and .jmulti_settings file there.  It just won't allow project files to save there.

Are there any known problems with saving to network locations?  Does anyone know of any other reason that JMulTi would be falsing believing it doesn't have write permissions to a folder?  I'm not sure if this problem is Windows 7 specific or not.  Has anyone else gotten this to run successfully on Win 7?  I've had the same problem using a regular account, or an admin level one… so I don't think that's the issue.

Any help, clues, or reports of similar issues would be helpful.