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Collecting patches and fixes.

* New release is coming.

Hi. If anyone has any patches or fixes to the msnmlib, please send them to me (alex_1) or post them in the patch section.
I am planning to make a release soon as would like to include as many fixes as possible in the next release.

In the mean time (and until then), latest and greatest in-test jar can be downloaded from
(FYI: I am not planning to update news each time I update the jar there).

Posted by Alex 2006-08-02

JMSN 0.9.8b7 was released with support MSNP9

Support MSNP9.
JMSN cannot shutdown!

But JRE 1.4 or later is needed for SSL

cute toy 'Winamp 2.x plugins' was added.
It will change your friendly name when winamp 2.x
listening music. (Windows only)

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2003-10-16

JMSN 0.9.8b4 released.

Navigate chat history on current session using Arrow Key or Numpad.

Local buddy name assigning feature.

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2003-02-06

JMSN alert patch (cannot connect)

Primary DS host address was changed.
new address is

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-11-16

RPM distribution and French resource available

JMSN 0.9.7 RPM distribution and French language
resource is now available.

Thanks for Dominique ;)

Note: To launch, jmsn RPM binary, your must set
JAVA_HOME environment variable.
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk1.4

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-05-13

JMSN 0.9.5 and msnmlib 1.1.6 released

JMSN 0.9.5 released with windows plugins and
Font/Emoticon/URL view etc.

If you run JMSN on Windows Platform. (jmsn.exe)
You can these.
- TrayIcon(NotifyIcon) (Don't dispose)
- Always on top
- Transparent layered windows (can modify degree)

And i18n bug was fixed.

msnmlib 1.1.6 has some additional event listener
and font controller method on rath.msnm.msg.MimeMessage class.

Enjoy this!

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-04-01

JMSN 0.9.2 was released, i18n, Group mgmt, BackImage, etc..

- Support a internationalization. Currently support
Korean and English. but will support German soon.

- Add group management
+ Add a new group
+ Remove a group
+ Change a user's group

- Chat session abandon and establish notify.
It is very important. Because nowadays MSN server
often ignore each user's message.
This feature may help you.

- Re-design all status icon by seahouse.

- Enable to choose and paint a fixed(not scroll) background image.(JPEG/GIF)... read more

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-16

JMSN 0.8 final was released.

ڸ exe

ڵα, йȣ ɼ, ֱ α ̵ .

ģϺ⿡ ¶, ٻ, ڸ,

º̳ ģ ߰ , ׷ , ģ
° ǵ .

JMSN â ġ ũ . ȭ.

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-10

JMSN 0.8e was released with Zipped directory file transfer.

0.8e ǰų ߰ Ʒ .

- Էâ ũ ȵǴ .

- Էâ Shift+Enter Ctrl+EnterԷ½, ٳѱ.

- κ ͼ ȭâ POPUPÿ Sound .

- ȭâ ⺻ EmptyBorder (5, 5, 5, 5) .

- Ϻ ̾α׿ ϸ õǴ ,

- SwitchBoard Serverκ 5а Է ڵ ǹǷ,
5а ٰ Ǹ, ' ϴ.' ޽
ƴ ŸӾƿ Ǿٰ ǥ.

- ϴ , 丮 ڿ Ͽ
 , 'Ȯ'ϸ ZIP Ͽ .
( Win32 MacOS Ž⿡ 巡׾ص Ͽ Ȱ )

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-08

JMSN 0.8d was released with DnD,

ȭâ Drag and Drop .

Ȥ UI thread hangǸ ġ .

ģϿ Ư ģ 콺 巡Ͽ
ȭâ ϸ ʴǴ ߰

ü package name , rath.msnm.swing rath.jmsn
ϰ, dialog package ui package Ǿ.

DragAndDrop Ͽ κ .

ģâ ģ DragAndDropϿ ׷
ϰ .

׷ ߰, ׷ , ׷̸ .

ȭ i18n 0.9 ȹ.

BUG Feature û ִ ޴ .

Look And Feel ޴ ߰

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-07

JMSN 0.8b was released.

׿ ߰ ޴ ־,  ˷
׸ Ҵ.
׸ ̼ ٽ Jang-Ho Hwang
Ǿ, Image ̼ ΰ ̹ Ǿ.

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-06

JMSN 0.8a was released.

JMSN 0.8a has many fixed bug
Hangul encoding problem,
Can't chat on JRE 1.3.

and can toggle a sound effect.
Group name sort, etc.

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-05

MSN Messenger library 1.1 released for Java Developer

MSN Messenger library is fully asynchronous, have optional synchronize method, written by pure java.
Including rename, group managing, file transfer, add/remove friend and so on.

msnmlib use the Event delegation model.
If you are Java programmer, you can create a msn messenger related application with ease.

And msnmlib also has a API Documents.
(but written by Korean yet)

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-03

JMSN 0.7 released with only Korean language mode.

JMSN 0.7 released, including stealth login(Invisible login), Ignore offline-user, multiple file download/upload, monitoring buddies' status change(EventViewer), log chat message and nature wave sounds.

But only support Korean language.
English will be support in next release.

Have fun

Posted by Jang-ho Hwang 2002-03-03