Hey John,
I should have noted that we are using a stand alone LocoNet connected to JMRI via a LocoBufer-USB, no Digitrax command station present. Up until this recent hiccup, JMRI sent out the Interrogation Commands itself whenever a panel loads in, but it doesn't seem to anymore under certain conditions.
I have thought it would come in handy to have a way to send the Interrogation Commands, upon command, for times say when someone accidently turns the layout off in the middle of a session. Currently I exit JMRI and reload, but if it's possible to make a script that would send out the commands after clicking on a panel icon to "reset" the panel I would do so. Can you point me in the right direction?
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The loconet query is, iirc, done by the command station when DCC track
power is turned on via a throttle or a loconet GPON command.

JMRI simply watches for the various responses....

Adding a script to do a simple poweron command might be all you need.


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