#380 Programming QSI changes reported as not written to decoder


From http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jmriusers/message/74560

1. The DecoderPro version is 2.13.4

2. The exact error message is "Some changes have not been written to the decoder. They will be lost. Close window?"

3. Despite this message, the changes have been written to the decoder and I can read them.

4. This error message only appears when programming Quantum (QSI) decoders. It does not happen when programming Tsunami or Digitrax decoders.

5. This error happens when programming Quantum's in either DecoderPro3 or the old DecoderPro GUI.

6. I seem to recall that in version 2.13.1, you couldn't even open QSI files, so this is possibly a continuation of this problem.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Michael Mosher

    Michael Mosher - 2012-08-16

    Appears to be because of pair val variables (a single variable split across 2 cv to allow values greater than 255) that also has read only attribute. All QSI have at least one, the product model is in CVs 56.254.4 & 56.254.5

    If one CV or the pair is read, the other status is set to edited.

    To see this
    on any QSI decoder
    go to the Indexed CV page
    click the read button next to CV56.254.4
    state of CV56.254.4 will go to Read
    state of CV56.254.5 will go to Edited
    click the read button next to CV56.254.5
    state of CV56.254.4 will go to Edited
    state of CV56.254.5 will go to Read

    When window is closed, since there's a CV with state Edited, the confirmation dialog appears.

    Later QSI decoders have more paired CV variables.

    Note if a paired CV variable does not have the read only attribute, then both CV can be written (both states will be Stored) but they have the same read problem.

    Michael Mosher