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Just released JMovieBot-1.0rc4 !

This version is the release candidate 4, and we are getting really close to 1.0
stable. The PHP is still under construction and is getting done by the 1.0 stable release, trust me =).
I've added alot to this release, the plugin API are now much better and faster.
And it has online plugin management. Enjoy ! =)
Be sure to check the change log.

I havent updated in a while, for that I'm sorry, but I'm in the army and I dont have alot of time for myself.

Posted by Kjeld Karim Berg Massali 2003-05-18

JMovieBot 1.0rc1 is out and CVS updated !

A new upload on CVS is out ! It has alot of bugfixes and has now a plugin api so you can create plugins ! =)

Change log:

Changes per 25/03-2003:
MAJORS: Bug fixing. I've bug tracked the software for hours. Alot of bugs has been fixed
then I mean alot. But dont stop sending bug reports :)

\- The code is now under GNU General public license \(GNU GPL\) :\)
\- Join / Part channels.
\- Movie list command added.
\- Nick change bug fixed.
\- Make file made
\- DEL / ADD movie to the database.
\- QUIT command added.
\- Debugging output on / off added.
\- Users: The following commands added
\- MD5 cryptation on passwords in database for security.
\- Made a Makefile for linux users.
\- New and improved help system on irc, become really neat with nesting.
\- JDebug 1.1 update. Not much changed here execept added a static method.
\- JUMP - Server jumps incase of netsplits etc. Command added.
\- Cycle a specific channel.
\- Code/bug fixes:
    \- Went from using standard String.substring etc parsing to regexp.
    \* Makes the bot much much faster.
    \- Alot of code cleanup \!
    \* Easyer readalbe code and uses less cpu/memory.
    \- Added connect\(\) and reconnect\(\)

- Now has a plugin API. Check out the
plugins for examples ! =)
- Alot of code cleanup, fewer classes. etc.
- Major bug in JDebug. Now fixed !... read more

Posted by Kjeld Karim Berg Massali 2003-03-23

CVS up and running !

I've now upploaded the new'est version of JMovieBot to CVS. It has alot of new things added, it also uses 80% less cpu/memory. But is still not a stable release in my eyes. And the php is not yet completed!

Posted by Kjeld Karim Berg Massali 2003-03-09

The coming 1.0rc1 !

This is going to be a superb release.
So much new and so many bugs fixed, this is going
to be our first non alfa release. And the PHP frontend
is going to come with it.

Stay TUNED !

Kjeld K. B. Massali admin/developer

Posted by Kjeld Karim Berg Massali 2003-03-02

From the admin ! =)

We are soon releasing the first jmoviebot ! =)

Posted by Kjeld Karim Berg Massali 2002-11-26