Commit Date  
[r1183] (HEAD) by westbury

various updates

2013-03-20 17:31:17 Tree
[r1182] by westbury

update 'Amazon import' to new property parameters

2013-03-19 15:09:50 Tree
[r1181] by westbury

small cleanup to the sorting of entries

2013-03-10 12:57:48 Tree
[r1180] by westbury

formatting only

2013-03-10 12:56:46 Tree
[r1179] by westbury

add support for INVEXPENSE records in the OFX file (which do not appear to have DTSETTLE elements)

2013-03-10 12:55:43 Tree
[r1178] by westbury

massive change to replace the methods that get and set values from extension objects to use the IValueProperty methods

2013-03-10 12:53:44 Tree
[r1177] by westbury

comment out a trace statement

2013-03-10 12:36:53 Tree
[r1176] by westbury

add support for RtrnCap (return of capital) in QIF import

2013-03-10 12:35:50 Tree
[r1175] by westbury

rename StockPlugin, which is completely wrong, to the more conventional name of Activator

2013-03-10 12:33:38 Tree
[r1174] by westbury

correct case of first letter of Bean property name, as databinding code expects this to be right

2013-02-21 08:51:07 Tree
[r1173] by westbury

fix and clean-up the use of IValueProperty for both normal properties and properties in extension objects

2013-02-21 08:49:18 Tree
[r1172] by westbury

initial checkin of new plugin with tests for the 'stocks' plugin

2013-02-21 08:48:05 Tree
[r1171] by westbury

use Java 6 rules for @Override

2013-02-21 08:46:18 Tree
[r1170] by westbury

change stock balances and details to include all securities, i.e. bonds are now listed too

2013-02-12 11:54:44 Tree
[r1169] by westbury

fixes to the capital gains page and calculations. Now works in at least the simpler cases.

2013-02-12 11:53:09 Tree
[r1168] by westbury

a couple of fixes to the 'merge duplicate stock' feature

2013-02-12 11:51:02 Tree
[r1167] by westbury

update @Override annotation to Java 6 conventions

2013-02-12 11:49:25 Tree
[r1166] by westbury

move the capital gains calculator from the US tax plugin into the core stock plugin

2013-02-12 11:44:34 Tree
[r1165] by westbury

get Amazon import finally working for US site ( only. Also add extra parameter to entry matcher to control the number of days allows for an entry to clear

2013-02-07 22:01:31 Tree
[r1164] by westbury

update jdbc plugin to Java 6 source compliance

2013-02-07 21:52:53 Tree
[r1163] by westbury

remove a couple of unused classes

2013-02-01 09:21:02 Tree
[r1162] by westbury

various work to get the import of data from Amazon working

2013-02-01 09:20:03 Tree
[r1161] by westbury

small change to replace Vector with List and ArrayList

2013-02-01 09:18:06 Tree
[r1160] by westbury

remove use of the term 'extendable object' as that is nothing to do with the 'isolation' package. Also a little cleanup to the undo/redo context.

2013-02-01 09:17:02 Tree
[r1159] by westbury


2013-02-01 09:15:03 Tree
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