Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the previous release of JMoney 0.0.4. I have written an algorithm that detects move class refactorings to remove circular dependency between packages in a program. I have run my algorithm to analyse JMoney 0.0.4 and found the following refactorings:


1) net.sf.jmoney.io.FileFormat

2) net.sf.jmoney.io.MT940

3) net.sf.jmoney.io.QIF



The types in IO package represent importing and exporting a file through JMoney UI. These three types are using classes from GUI package and there are references from GUI package to these classes, creating a circular dependency. Since these types are part of GUI, shouldn't these  be moved to the GUI package? 

This is the part of validation of my work. Your reply would be much appreciated. 



Syed Ali

Massey University

New Zealand