#6 multi-categorization


i would find it useful if jmoney would allow multiple

for example (this is extreme i admit).. i am budgeting an
amount for my and a colleagues travel expenses. So i
will need to track travel expenses. Also we will need to
be able to send a bill to our clients later, so I will also
need to track which project/client it is associated with.
Then since sometimes he pays the trip since he booked
it with someone else, it needs to be attributed to the
right expense acount. So, i would like to categorize the
expense as>
1. travel
2. project/client
3. my ticket or was it for my colleague

and then in the memo i would add in where it was that
we traveled. This is one example, but i do not think it
stretches the imagination to see others?

maybe the gui could be done like with an email client
when searching for addresses, you just keep adding
them in.

let me know what you think.


  • Nigel Westbury

    Nigel Westbury - 2004-11-24

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    I think this is a common requirement and is something I
    would very much like to see JMoney support.

    However, there are complications. For example, if an
    expense category has sub-categories and an expense comes
    within two of these sub-categories then the total for the
    category will not equal the sum of the sub-categories. That
    will make reports and chart difficult to get right.

    I would not be so concerned at the complications if we did
    not support plug-ins. However, now we support plug-ins and
    we want to make plug-in development as easy as possible. I
    would rather not force plug-in developers to deal with the
    more complicated model.

    This issue needs some thought and perhaps I will find time
    to document the possible approaches. Does anyone know of
    any other accounting program that supports this?


  • Nigel Westbury

    Nigel Westbury - 2007-07-14
    • status: open --> closed
  • Nigel Westbury

    Nigel Westbury - 2007-07-14

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    On further consideration, this is really already supported, but you do need to write a plug-in to implement your requirements. In fact, this sort of thing is perfect for a plug-in. This is how I would probably do it:

    1. Create a category for your travel expenses.

    2. Add some extra fields to the Entry object. One field to contain the project, another field to indicate the person. Specify that these fields are applicable only if the entry is in your travel expenses account (by supplying an IPropertyDependency implementation when you register the property). That way, you will be automatically prompted for these properties whenever you create an entry in the travel expenses account.

    3. Write some views and reports, as per your requirements.

    If your colleague paid for something directly and needs reimbursing then that would normally be done by creating an account for your colleague. Just like a bank account, the balance of that account is the amount your colleague owes you (so it would normally have a negative balance). When your colleague pays, indicate that the money came out of that account. When you re-imburse your colleague, transfer the amount to that account.

    There are of course many variations. You could use sub-categories for airfare, hotel, car rental etc. Your plug-in provides the controls that will be used to input the properties, so you can make these as simple as a text box or you could make it a drop-down selection list or something more complicated. If your wanted to get creative, you could even create a completely new object class to store information on each client.

    JMoney has extension points to do all of this, but it does take coding to write the plug-in. Please send a message to the devel list if you need any help.


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