Piero: We don't have a general way of doing that. If you do contours and then

   set drawHover

you can at least see the value on the graph as you hover over a contour position on the surface.

all: periodicity: What Piero is referring to is the fact that you can now "clone" an isosurface based on the unit cell of the loaded file. The keyword is LATTICE:

isosurface slab unitcell sasurface # for example
isosurface LATTICE {2 2 2} mesh nofill

that LATTICE option can be changed at any time after or with the creation of the isosurface, like color or mesh.

This has particular use when the calculated isosurface is based on a unit cell.


On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 8:56 AM, P.Canepa <pc229@kent.ac.uk> wrote:

Dear All,

I am plotting isosurface from cube files. Does exist a way to plot a scale or legend of color into the image?

By the way Bob your improvement on the cube files works fantastically. Now I can do my maps with periodicity in one shot

Thanks a lot, Piero

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