OK, it's some sort of failure to finish writing the file. I've generally tested this only from the signed applet on my hard drive, and there is no problem there. But I can reproduce the problem using http://chemapps.stolaf.edu/jmol/docs/examples-11/simple.htm, so it must be fixable.


On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Wayne Decatur <wdecatur@yahoo.com> wrote:
>"Hmm. So you think the signed applet might be truncating the files? Sounds
>like a failure to flush(). Do you see files that just look like they stop
>console vs. menu -- The signed applet should be saving both files, even
>though it only asks for one. In fact, it creates several related files.
>I did just find an error in the .ini file -- it should not be storing the
>path to the file in the Output_file section. That fix is uploading now."
Hi Bob,
Exporting  POV-Ray from the console with the signed applet using the write command only exported the .ini file as of last night. No matter what the hermitelvel was set to -- even the default gave the same results.

Exporting  POV-Ray image from the menu with the signed applet was saving both .pov and .ini file as expected. However, with the hermitelevel set high (and highresolution on) the .pov files often were truncated; several did look like the stopped mid-stream. However, the majority still worked as .pov files (which is why I was puzzled that I was getting great results like you and Paul - if most of them failed outright maybe I would have realized); however, what most notably renders poorly is the loops. Maybe they are failing to save other information but I didn't notice it. (This might help in debugging or understanding the phenomenon- I noticed often after saving a few POV-Ray images, I became unable to change the file name in the pop-up 'save' window and in fact hitting okay does nothing. It required closing all the Firefox browser windows and letting Java shut down as indicated by the disappearance of the Java icon in the system tray.)

This was using http://proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/1stp?JMOLJAR=http://chemapps.stolaf.edu/jmol/docs/examples-11/JmolAppletSigned0.jar
as of last night.



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