On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:51 PM, Jonathan Gutow <> wrote:
Bob et al.,

I figured it out.  I was using calls of the form object.getClass().getResource(), which can only access things within the calling class.  Your suggested call to ClassLoader.getSystemResource(fullPath) works.  I'm doing something a little simpler in WebExport so didn't use anything but that call from the code you checked in. However, I think we might want to put the routine you wrote into the utilities section.

Now that this is working I have a couple more simple widgets to add and will then check in an update to webExport.  I think I have to stop and update the instructions before I get involved in any of the more complicated widgets that have been suggested.

So far I've got:

spin on/off
background color
stereo viewing mode
animation control

the other simple ones (because they don't depend on the Jmol state) I was thinking about adding quickly were:

script command input box

Is there anything else like these that you can think of that would be nice to have?


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