Hmm. So you think the signed applet might be truncating the files? Sounds like a failure to flush(). Do you see files that just look like they stop midstream?

console vs. menu -- The signed applet should be saving both files, even though it only asks for one. In fact, it creates several related files.

I did just find an error in the .ini file -- it should not be storing the path to the file in the Output_file section. That fix is uploading now.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 12:12 AM, Wayne Decatur <> wrote:
>Wayne, you can generate POV-Ray of any height and width. Export function is
>yotally independent of the actual applet height and width, except it takes
>those as defaults. I suppose we have it limiting that from the menu, but
>from the console:
>write povray 1000 1000 t.pov
>It's then the t.pov.ini file that stores that information. Now, I have to
>think about how the signed applet creates two files....

Thanks, Bob. From the menu, the signed applet was generating two files. With this command, I just get the ini file every time and not the other file which has you wondering?
However, I am thinking I need to take my state scripts to the application because the save from the menu of the signed applet is varying a lot with the set hermitelevel 10; set highresolution on settings. One time it saves a .pov file of 5.93 Mb, another 12.0 Mb and another 72 kb. (The file size is consistent when  hermite or highres is not adjusted with commands in the console.) And what I have been missing is that the loop meshes have been corrupted in the .pov files that do happen to work. See POV-Ray grumbling here. And it is losing the normals from the vector so that results in the circles. In fact I the best I got was one that had an intact mesh (like the nice loops in Bob's and Paul's images) and the rest giving me the tiny circles. Here is the image (see the nice quality loops on the right and the bad ones on the left? Download to see it in its full glory.) I could enlarge it by editing the ini file and the good meshes (loops) still looked good so it seems  my problems once I had the' hermitelevel' and 'higheresolution on' were just incomplete data being saved from the signed applet.



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