New Jmol user here, and of course I want to jump straight in to the 'experimental' stuff :)  I am using version 11.2.4, the applet module, and have done testing in several browsers (incl Opera and Firefox).

In short, nothing (visually) happens when calling jmolSetAtomCoord (nor jmolSetAtomCoordRelative).  I've verified everything is ok going in to the viewerObject.setAtomCoord call.  Looking at the codepath in the Java source, it seems like this eventually does the same thing as the 'translateSelected' script call (after selecting one atom, of course) except it sets the coordinates directly as opposed to an offset.

In fact, replacing the actual setAtomCoord call in Jmol.js=>jmolSetAtomCoord with

applet.script ('select atomno=' + i + ';translateSelected {'+x+' '+y+' '+z}')

works as you would expect.

As for the 'Why?', well, we have a fairly large model we want to animate based on a process running on the server.  I'm using an Ajax call to get a list of new atom positions, and need to update just those atoms.  If I can't get this to work, I guess I'll just keep track of current positions and calculate offsets, but being able to set them directly would be much nicer... especially for setting the whole model back to a single point (which I need to do at the start and on user-command).

Can anyone shed any light on this?  Or have an alternate suggestion?